Breakfast made with you in mind


Following from our first blog, introducing the Guesthouse, and with the high-quality service and rooms, allow me to introduce you to our breakfast offerings.

We always enquire from our guests if they have dietary requirements whether it be for allergies or cultural and religious requirements.

Traditionally we serve an English breakfast. The basic four ingredients of Estcourt gold medal sausages and bacon, fried tomato done to perfection and mushroom variations. A fifth element is added which may include a buttery cob of corn, Fried chicken and vegetable spring roll, delicate lamb riblets in a rosemary marinade etc. The egg component is a variety done on request each morning. For long stay guests we take requests and will make you a bespoke breakfast to your exacting requirements.

We have over a period of ten years lived in the Middle East and have visited the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, the Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, and the entire North African continent. With this we developed a deep understanding and respect for the culture. We are aware that ours is not a Halal kitchen, but we source Halal foods and retain the stickers for your perusal.

On request we will provide vegetarian and vegan dishes. They will be sourced locally and be of the highest quality. These may include vegan frozen foods to fresh vegies made with a delightful variation.

Our fruit starters are a real treat. Imagine fresh berries with double thick plain yogurt and honey made in variety of combinations. Hot starters include baked apples hot and cold combinations with yogurt nuts and honey. Yum, a texture and taste treat where waffles and baked pears with creamy yogurt and berry compote start your day.

A treat indeed. We have you in mind when you when we plan our menu.