Knightsbury Guest House introduction

Welcome to Knightsbury Guest House (KGH). KGH has been operating as a guest house for over 20 years.

In 2013, Jenny and I bought KGH from Tom and Enid Knight hence the name Knightsbury. We decided that the name should remain so as to continue in name and in the owner/operator tradition.

KGH is a Tudor style house the has been expanded from a traditional 3-bedroom home to a 7-bedroom home, all on-suite, over the years. The style has been maintained and, often with difficulty, have materials been sourced to keep it as such.

KGH rests on the foot of Devils Peak as part of the Table Mountain range. It is right next door to the University of Cape Town with whom we are a preferred supplier with a strong tradition and history.

The accommodation and service is of a five star level with a warm and comfortable home, extraordinary fittings and the best breakfast that is made to your own specific requirements.

Bookings can be made through the website which is linked with Nightsbridge or you can call us directly and all the arrangements will be made for you. If you prefer, you may also book through a variety of platforms.

This then as an introduction and we hope to bring you some interesting developments and happenings going forward.